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Say hello to the Booty Stroker Ass, a must-have masturbator for every man. Even though this toy is well known for its backdoor, it can actually double your enjoyment. As a double-hole sexcessory, the Booty Stroker Ass is perfect for anal play and vagina play to blanket you with the utmost pleasure. Grab this big ass masturbator online and have double fun on your own or experiment with it with your partner (it does feel like a threesome!).

Designed for lifelike pleasure, the Booty Stroker Ass delivers real-life sensations as it’s made of Fanta Flesh. Not just a TRP material, Fanta Flesh feels so real you can hardly spot a difference between real anal sex and anal play with the Booty Stroker Ass. Keep a water-based lubricant close at hand and enjoy!


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The noteworthy features of the Booty Stroker Ass include:

  • Medical-grade Fanta Flesh
  • Two openings
  • Ribbed walls in both openings
  • Ultimate softness
  • Lubricant-friendly and washable

While it may be tempting to touch and squeeze the exterior of the Booty Stroker Ass alone, it comes with inside ribs that are worth experiencing. These ribs give you some extra stimulation, making the toy the best male masturbator ass in the UAE and beyond. Warning: its ribbed surfaces can feel too good to delay your orgasm — but if you don’t feel like pausing your moment, you can finish off without a second thought.

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The Booty Stroker Ass is beautiful and plump, so you may want to flaunt it. But if you prefer buying it discreetly to enjoy a moment for you two, you’ll love our secret delivery service.

With secret delivery, you can order this ass masturbator and receive it in a discreetly packed box. Even the slightest hints of the contents are removed, so nobody knows about your Booty Stroker Ass.


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