SM restraint kit wrist ankle sleeve restraint strap cross strap

  • Combining the soft, sensual feelings of the action is exciting and enjoyable, and definitely is something that any adventurous couple should experience for themselves. Just swipe around your theme and you’ll quickly know who is responsible! Experience the most profound fantasy of stimulating and exploring!
  • This sensational whole body re-straint is as simple as ABC. The side release its and ultra-soft inner pad ensure that the wr-ists and an/kles are without discomfort. Once you are happy, put your submarine in the position of your choice and use this kit to keep them ready to play.
  • As you and your partner become more comfortable with, you can start experimenting with different style re-straints and positions. And that’s just for starters! With a little imagination and creativity, there’s no telling where your adventure will take you!
  • These playful cu-ffs and an-kle straps are perfect for beginners, but powerful enough to ensure your lover doesn’t escape quickly. Soft and comfortable vinyl ‘C’ fit the skin for easy adjustment.
  • Your secret to-y will be sent to you in secret, no one knows what is inside the box!


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Product name: Under bed bondage kit
Item number 11032
Material: neoprene,plush , PE , metal ,PA
Applicable scene: Party/bedroom/indoor/hotel
Net Weight: 0.735kg
Packaging size: 27*17.5*9cm


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