Over The Door Cross


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Secure your lover in the air tonight and fulfill all their wishes through the “at the door”. Preparations take some time: just throw a sturdy bar hook on the door, tie your partner’s wrists and ankles in a cross-shaped design, and drink from their bare and fragile body. Whether your taste is sweet and inviting, or thrive when you push boundaries, every inch of their skin is a place for you to explore.

Spread your lover’s legs to see the most sensitive parts, or tie your legs to your legs in a bend to see all the folds and curves. For softness, the beautiful wrist and ankle cuffs have adjustable Velcro buckles and incredibly soft interior, making you extremely comfortable when twisting and twisting the restraint. The easy-to-use universal buckle can switch positions in a few seconds. When you are floating on the ground, waiting helplessly and idly for their first contact, you will be attracted by the feeling in the eyes of your lover.

Give your body and mind to your lover tonight, because they will execute your deepest desires and use your body to meet their own needs. Realize any illusion and push the boundaries tonight.

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