Hand Held Shaft Penis Vibrator

Hit you F-spot!(Most sensitive spot on the pen1s) Make you go wild! This pen1s stimulator with 9 different vibrating patterns can fit perfectly on your frenulum. (The frenulum where the glans meets the shaft on the underside of the pen1s just below the head) . She wrapped that area, stroke and caress him. Just imagine that your glans is held tightly by her and she starts rubbing the edge of the glans, [email protected] every cell of your glans. Enjoy your pleasure! Small body, powerful energy. The male vibrator adopted a streamlined design, like a fighter riding on your glans. The small and portable men masturbation device with unique wing shape design is more convenient to hold. You can move it up and down and pinch to strengthen stimulation at any time. This $ex toy is not only a m@[email protected] but also a pen1s endurance trainer. [email protected] and exercise your pen1s through different vibration patterns. Improve your $exual stamina and the sensitivity of the glans. Choose a weaker mode and increase slowly, then take off the training tool when you feel you want to ejaculate, continuous exercise. Enjoy stimulation while training $exual abilities, you will perform better in $ex and prolong your $ex time. The material of pen1s vibrator is medical grade silicone, soft like your girl’s hand. No odour and no allergy, safe to use. Unlike other pen1s training tool, unlimited size is the reason you choose it. You don’t have to worry about being too small to fit your size, she fits perfectly with any pen1s. IPX7 waterproof level allows you to use it where there is water, you can take her to the bathroom or the swimming pool, and can be easily rinsed with water. The vibrating m@[email protected] is USB rechargeable, you can charge the toy by connecting to your phone charger, computer, power bank. Don’t worry about enjoyment being interrupted


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Product Name: Magician Kit C0ck Ring
Material: Soft Medical Silicone
Function: 9 modes vibration for male m@[email protected]
Size: 116mm*56mm
Color: Black
Certificate :CE FDA ROHS
Weight: g
Secret Delivery: Don’t be shy, there is no any information on the package, only you know the LOVE inside.


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