Multifunctional spreader cuff binding

Protect your lover in mid-air tonight and realize all their wishes through the multifunctional spreader cuff lashing. It takes some time to be prepared and ready:
1. Hang the horizontal bar, put handcuffs on both hands and fasten it to the horizontal bar.
2. Hang the horizontal bar, and hang the handcuffs and collar on the horizontal bar.
3. Without hanging, fix the ankles and handcuffs on the horizontal bar at the same time:
4. Not hanging, handcuffs and ankle cuffs. The collar is fixed on the horizontal bar at the same time (adjustable collar)
5. Put on the ankle cuffs and split the legs for easy insertion.
6. Hang, copy the handcuffs, and connect the ankle loop with the round button below. Then drink water in your bare and vulnerable body, every inch of skin is a place for you to explore. Unfold your lover’s legs to see their most sensitive parts, or tie them with curved legs to easily access all their folds and curves. It only takes a few seconds for the buckle to switch positions. When you float on the ground, helplessly waiting for their first contact and shaking, you will be fascinated by the feeling in the eyes of a lover. Hand over your physiology to your lover tonight, because they will execute your deepest desires and use your body to meet their own needs. Realize any illusion and push the boundaries tonight.


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Item number :11025
Material: Neoprene, velvet, PE, metal
Color: black and silver
Applicable scene: Party/bedroom/indoor/hotel


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