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Jill $ex @ss m@$turb@t0r

Product Name:Jill $ex @ss m@$turb@t0r
Materials: Medical TPR
Size: 14*14*13 cm
Weight : 1.25 kg
Color: Transparent
Certificate: FDA /CE/Rohs
Secret Delivery: Don’t be shy, there is no any information on the package, only you know the LOVE inside.
Attentions :
1) Please do not put the product in any place that can not dissipate heat.
2) Please do not share it since it is personal hygiene item to avoid bacterial infection.
3) Please do not overuse it though it has many function for overuse would lower the organic sensitivity.
4) It is recommended that using with c0nd0m and professional lubricating fluid is better.
5) Please stop to use immediately if you feel unwell or the product is damaged
6) Please do not use m@ssage oil, skin cream, gasoline, acetone and other chemicals to replace the professional lubricating fluid
7) Please clean it immediately after use and store it properly to avoid bacterial infection.


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The $ex @ss m@$turb@t0r is a transparent, transparent, two-hole m@$turb@t0r that allows you to enjoy your $ex life. It’s also a true-to-life structure that allows you to ejaculate faster than you’ve ever done before. Keep it in your closet
We always recommend you to use water-based lubricants.


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