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Silicone Booty Beads

Brand Name: S-Hande, OEM
Properties: $ex Products
Type: $ex TOY
Product Name: Lala
Material: Medical Silicone
Size: 230*14~25mm, ring inner dia. 28mm
Weight: 31g
Color: Black,
Function: for @[email protected] pleasure


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These Branded “S-Hande” Booty Beads are Created with the finest medical grade silicone, our velvet soft silicone is sleek, seamless, 100% waterproof, and safe for your body, to lead you to a safe and fantastic pleasure level.
Extremely flexible so it can perfectly bend to your bodies shape, these beads feature 6 beads of increasing size with a salient point design that will provide intense stimulation to where it matters most.

EASY TO USE: Simply expand the silicone ring with your fingers and put it on your shaft. Then insert the beads up to desired size for your own personal level of comfort and relaxation.

Use lubrication if so desired.

WORRY FREE AND EXTREMELY PORTABLE: Never again worry about using beads that are made of hard plastics. These liquid silicone beads are extremely durable and don’t have the risk of breaking inside like some of our competitors. Take them with you wherever you go.

Their flexible nature allows you to fold them up and stow them away in your bag.


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