31piece Deep Desires Set

Product Name:31 pcs [email protected] set restraint bed
Type: Entry level 31pcs/set [email protected]
Material: Safety materials
MOQ:35pcs 22 kinds
Feature: Soft and different way play
Stype: [email protected] sets
Certification: CE ROHS PDA
Weight:1000 g
Secret Delivery: Don’t be shy, there is no any information on the package, only you know the LOVE inside.


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Here we have a set fit for a King or Queen, this set includes the following:
2 N!pple Clamp, 2 Ankle Cuffs ,2 Hand Cuffs, 1 Cross Buckle , 1 Metal Booty Plug, 2 Under Bed Restraint Bed B0nd Straps, 1 Feather Duster, 1 Eye Mask, 1 Rope , 1 Bullet, 1 Panties, 1 Face Mask, 1  Paddle ,1  Dice, 1 Waterproof bedsheet, 4 Sizes of Silicone plugs, 1 Inflatable Waterproof Pillow, 1 Fox Tail Style Plug, 1 @ss board, 1 Whip, 1 Smooth Vibrator,1 Ribbed Vibrator.

With this full set you can really get down to business!




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