7.7inch Super Cock Premium Lifelike Dildo

The 7.7inch premium lifelike dildo is designed to hit all your intimate hot spots.This delightful dildo is skin tone and has a natural outline and suction cup base: it gives you an exciting and realistic experience. The design USES elaborate details (such as plush balls) to enhance its natural appeal, while its dual-density materials bring a double amount of intimate fun.The soft look and solid core create a stunning combination that will give you a sense of indulgence.


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Product Name:7.7inch Super Cock premium lifelike dildo
Certificate: CE, RoHS, FDA
Materials: Medical pvc
Size: 19.5cm*3.5cm
Weight: :325g
Color: flesh. skin. brown. black
Attentions :
1) Please do not put the product in any place that can not dissipate heat.
2) Please do not share it since it is personal hygiene item to avoid bacterial infection.
3) Please do not overuse it though it has many function for overuse would lower the organic sensitivity.
4) It is recommended that using with condom and professional lubricating fluid is better.
5) Please stop to use immediately if you feel unwell or the product is damaged
6) Please do not use massage oil, skin cream, gasoline, acetone and other chemicals to replace the professional lubricating fluid
7) Please clean it immediately after use and store it properly to avoid bacterial infection.


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