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Anal injection vaginal syringe

  • Silicone anal injection, vaginal injection, anal enema, 250ml reusable cleaning kit
  • 250ml large-capacity anal enema can also be used for defecation and intestinal cleaning, and the amount of sewage is large, the effect is significant.
  • High quality PC ABS material, durable, reusable, odorless, non-toxic, light weight 150g and portable
  • The tapered mouth in the silicone tube is easy to clean, the skin is soft, and it can be taken out and cleaned to avoid scratching the rectum
  • Silicone piston, large outer diameter core cylinder, large thrust type, labor saving, avoiding backflow pollution during the pressing process
  • Easy to use, suitable for different groups of people such as pregnant women and the elderly.


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Product name:  Anal Injection/Enema
Item number :   11022
Material:   tubular PC material, needle-shaped silicone material

Specification:  264 * 50 * 50mm
Color: grey/white
Capacity:  250ML
Applicable scene: Party/bedroom/indoor/hotel